One of our best services is our ability to take your favorite photographs and create a family keepsake that can hang proudly in your home or be sent in postcard size to friends and relatives.  Take a look at the image below with photos of our family set among other photos from some our favorite travels in our home state of New Hampshire.  This image is a montage of portions of 12 other photographs.  At $10 per photo to be composited into the final image, the piece below could be assembled for $120 and the digital result sent to you for your use in making prints of all sizes.  If your originals are large enough, the final version could even be printed poster size or on a 40" maximum dimension canvas, delivered either rolled or framed.  Call or write us to discuss your special project. 1-603-568-0415 or write .

A Family Montage example

Below find one other example from our own famiy's rich history.  This one consists of over 20 images from the time we all exited China to begin our life here in the United States.  Such important events in your own life can also be uniquely documented with our service.

"Our Family Begins" - an example of a personal family montage

Our other services consist of fixing photos that have problems.  If you have a favorite photo that is too dark, too light, too anything, let us give it a try to see if we can improve the image for you.  Call or write an e-mail.  WIth e-mail send a digital copy and we can mail you back a small version "proof" of what we can do. If you are satisfied you can send us a check and we will send the larger file.  If not, no problem.  Thanks for thinking of us.

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